The “2016 National Seminar on Electronic Devices, Systems, and Information Security” (SEEDS-2016) with financial support from University Grants Commission of India under its Special Assistance Program is second in the series that has been organized to provide an opportunity to academicians, professionals, scholars, and students to get infused with recent developments and challenges in electronic devices, systems and information security. SEEDS-2016 had the aim to promote and motivate younger generation to take up contemporary research in varied fields of Electronics. It promoted an academic forum by bringing together scholars, academicians and experts in various specialized fields of Electronics Engineering.The current century has witnessed tremendous achievements in the discipline of Electronics and Computer Engineering which are continuing rapidly and are reflected in all forms around us. Be it satellite and Fibre Communication, Health Care, Smart Cities and Homes, Instrumentation, Automation, Remote Sensing, Space Exploration, Communication, Biotechnology, Disaster Management, Networking, Information Security, Consumer Electronics, etc. the world is witnessing revolution after revolution.The Seminar was attended by learned scholars from the premier institutions of the country who delivered keynote lectures and presented their respective research findings and achievements falling within the ambit of Electronics and Computer Engineering. The sessions were well organized that provided every scholar ample time to present his or her idea before the learned audience. The sessions witnessed healthy discussions on the prospectus, challenges and issues faced in the field. The seminar provided an exceptional opportunity for young scholars to learn and get motivated from the reputed scientists working in the field. Read More

International standards of academic publications have been strictly adhered while preparing the book of abstracts.
Proceedings of 2016 UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Electronic Devices, Systems and Information Security (SEEDS-2016) with ISBN: 978-93-82288-88-6.