COMMUNE-2015 was organized with the intention of assembling scholars and academicians from around the world to deliberate on these issues concerning Electronics, Communication, and Computers in conformity with the current trends of interdisciplinary research. As such, the theme of the conference was purposefully chosen to ensure participation from scholars affiliated to a wide range of academic and research disciplines. The overwhelming response shown by scientists, academicians, and scholars from within and outside country from Computer Science, Electronics, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Linguistics, etc. reflect the diversified research areas subsumed under the theme. COMMUNE-2015 had eleven sessions including a virtual session, eight keynote addresses, and three expert lectures. The keynote address by Professor Chaturvedi described the characteristics of a cognitive radio as an intelligent device that can use side information about its environment to improve spectral utilization. Professor Sarkar in his keynote address shared hefty number of tricks and techniques to overcome current design challenges in building efficient and low power consuming VLSI circuits within minimum chip area. The third keynote speaker, Professor Chaudhury underscored the importance of deep neural network in building a hybrid text recognizer for document image analysis. Professor Ansari in his address highlighted various perspectives of IT ACT 2000 and deliberated upon management of IT security issues at technical and organizational levels. Dr. Kaushik discussed Spintronics based magneto-resistive memories in terms of their architecture, operation and compared them with conventional memories. In his second keynote, Dr. Kaushik highlighted the prospects of a promising interconnect material “Graphene nano-interconnects” and discussed challenges involved therein. Professor Lehal, reflected upon “the Sangam”, a machine transliteration system transforming Perso-Arabi to Hindi Script. Professor Beg, reflected upon advances in Mobile and Wireless Communication technologies such as coding and compression that could permit flawless telepresence wherein elements such as smell, touch, and taste can also be transmitted. Professor Bhat, while highlighting various Government initiatives such as STIP-2013, GIAN and PRIM for promoting innovation led entrepreneurship summarized the prospects of ‘Make in India’ initiative and challenges involved in its implementation. Mr. Rayees Mohammad Bhat highlighted emerging cybercrimes such as cyber terrorism, spamming, phishing, online theft, credit card frauds, etc. and discussed a few such cases reported from the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Professor A. H. Mir reflected upon checking authenticity of images using watermarking and stenography and detecting forgery through second order statistical approaches.

The organizers received 239 full-length papers in total via Easy Chair submission system, which were reviewed by a team of 141 international and national reviewers. Based on the review, 98 papers were selected for presentation in the COMMUNE-2015. Apart from the review process, all the selected papers were strictly checked for plagiarism using the ‘Turnitin’ software and the authors were given the feedback as well. As per international academic standards, some authors were asked to drop the level of quoted work to below 15 percent of the total word count of the camera-ready paper. For as many as 90 selected papers, the COMMUNE-2015 received registrations, camera-ready copies, and online copyright transfers. Camera Ready copy of each paper submitted to the COMMUNE-2015 was checked for formatting errors and were corrected by organizing committee members. Read More

To publish the proceedings of a conference of COMMUNE-2015’s magnitude, it takes considerable amount of time and energy. However, by the grace of Almighty Allah and the perseverant efforts and dedication of the team behind COMMUNE-2015, presenters were handed over a copy of the proceedings with ISBN: 978-93-82288-63-3 (Print) and ISBN: 978-93-82288-54-1 (online) at the inaugural function. It was indeed a moment of pleasure for the members of organizing committee to have accomplished such an uphill task.

COMMUNE-2015 Proceedings

The seeds of COMMUNE were sown quite early in 2011, when the idea of convening such a conference was conceived by the current organizers under the chair of late Prof. N. A. Shah (May Allah bless his soul) and COMMUNE-2015 represents its first flower.